The Department Of Integrative Medicine publishes a quarterly newsletter ‘Samatvam’ which has specific theme for each edition. It contains articles related to the theme by eminent experts in the field of Yoga and Neurosciences.  Some of the  themes include

  • Integrating Traditional Medicine into Modern Healthcare System
  • Mind Body Medicine and Resilience
  • Yoga and Women’s Mental Health
  • Traditional Lifestyle in Mordern Age


Apart from this, Samatvam also carries reports of all outreach programs and the activities of NICY apart from  the information related to the yoga therapy sessions which were conducted in that quarter. 



All editions of the ‘Samatvam’ are available in PDF format for download.  Click on the cover page for the issue or scroll down to get the list of all issues

Latest Issue



Can Indian knowledge systems
help psychology to become a more
progressive science?


“But it is also good to realise that its
successes have almost all been in
the domains of physics, chemistry,
biology, medicine, information
processing, and so on, which even
together cover only half of reality.
Almost everything that matters to
people — happiness, love, beauty,
truth, commitment, responsibility,
meaning — exists primarily in
our consciousness.”


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Other Issues

Yoga in Community Health Care - April 2020

"The pleasant experiences of VSP are miraculous and stunning. The broken disintegrated families unite, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law reunite and live together in harmony and in appreciation of each other, the socially rejected hopeless drunkard is reborn as a respectable entrepreneur"

Excerpts from Guest article by

Dr. Rabindranath M. V.
Consultant Physician and Head, R & D, World Community service centre (WCSC), Chennai

Mind Body Medicine & Mental Health - January 2020

"MBM in essence follows a simple learnable framework that seeks to enhance selfregulation and resilience through practices derived from Yoga, Meditation and psychology viz. introspection, attention and autonomic regulation, acceptance, problem solving skills, and positive psychology"

Excerpts from Guest Article by

Dr. Sanjay S Phadke, MD, DPM
Chair, Indian Psychiatric Society’s Task Force on Mind-Body Medicine

Integrative Medicine & Mental Health - October 2019

"So here we are talking of integration, integration is not merely using one or other treatment, rather using both a traditional and the modern treatment complementarily in a judicious poly-therapy combination. The objective is to move beyond mere relief from symptoms.

Excerpts from Guest article by

Dr B N Gangadhar
Senior Professor of PSychiatry & Director, NIMHANS

Month & Year Theme/Articles/ContentDownload link
July 20221) Can Indian knowledge systems help psychology to become a more progressive science?
2) 8th International Day of Yoga
3) Workshop on Clinical Model of Integrative Medicine in Mental Health and Neurosciences
April 20221) Integrating traditional Medicine into Modern Healthcare System
2) Psychiatry 2.0 – A New Paradigm for Mental Health with Ayurveda & Functional Medicine
3) Traditional healthcare practices and mainstream psychiatry
January 20221) Mind Body Medicine and Resilience: Retrospect and Prospect
2) Building Resilience through Mind-Body Connection
3) Certified Online Course on Yoga in Mental Health
October 20211) Mental Health of the Elderly during COVID-19
2) Benefits of Yoga for Older Adults
3) Basics of Yoga Therapy for Mental Health Professionals – Certificate Course
July 20211) AYUSH Ministry’s Guidelines for Prophylactic Care in Children
2) 7th International Day of Yoga celebrations
3) New initiatives
April 20211) Can ancient lifestyle inspire us – Dr. Kishore Patwardhan
2) Traditional Medicine system- A paradigm for the modern world – Dr. Santhosh C and Dr. Umesh C
3) Ayurveda for Well-being Series
January 20211) Integrative Medicine: Need of the hour – Dr. Bhushan Patwardhan
2) Integrative medicine approach during COVID-19 pandemic – Dr. Praerna Bhargav
3) Inauguration of in-patient facility – September 2020
4) YANTRA – October 2020
October 20201) YANTRA 2020
2) Need for standardized yoga programs in health care – Dr. B.N. Gangadhar
3) YANTRA 2020: A journey through the international online conference deliberations – Dr. Bindu M. Kutty
4) Release of advisory on tele-yoga services
5) Webinar on ‘Meeting the challenge of COVID-19: An integrative medicine approach’
July 20201) Yoga for promotion of mental health – Dr. B.N. Gangadhar
2) Yoga for family well-being – Dr. R. Nagarathna
3) IDY celebrations at NIMHANS
April 20201) Yoga for community health care – Dr. Rabindranath M.V.
2) Yoga at the workplace – Dr. Hemant Bhargav
3) Understanding the biomechanics of yoga – A workshop by Dr. Reinhard Bogle – Ms. Yantra Atmika R.M.
4) Certificate course on “Yoga and mental health for yoga professionals” – January 2020
5) Breathwork workshop – Mr. D.P. Mahesh
6) Guest lecture by Dr. Sat Bir S. Khalsa – June 2020
January 20201) Mind body medicine – Dr. Sanjay S. Phadke
2) The naissance of Department of Integrative Medicine at NIMHANS – Dr. Kishore Kumar R.
3) Yoga in ayurveda curriculum – Another step towards comprehensive intra AYUSH integration
4) Guest lecture by Dr. Shilpa Datar
5) Inauguration of OPD services of Department of Integrative Medicine – December 2019
6) National workshop on Mind-body medicine – November 2019
October 20191) Need for integrative medicine in India – Dr. B.N. Gangadhar
2) Shri. Dr. Harsh Vardhan’s speech on yoga -September 2019
3) Inauguration of Centre for Integrative Medicine and research (CIMER) – September 2019
July 20191) Message on IDY from editor’s desk – Dr. Rashmi Arasappa
2) Yoga based lifestyle for climate change – Dr. Apar Avinash Saoji
3) Certificate course on “Yoga and mental health” for yoga professionals – June 2019
4) A trainee from certificate course – Ms. Suma Guruprasad
5) 5th International Day of Yoga at NIMHANS
April 20191) Yoga for universal health – Dr. G. Gururaj
2) Yoga for community health – Dr. Rahul Shidhaye
3) Yoga in common mental disorders: Where we stand? – Dr. N. Manjunatha
4) De-stress the work stress through yoga – Dr. Usha Rani M.R.
5) Certificate course on “Yoga and mental health” for yoga professionals – January 2019
6) Certificate course on “Yoga for mental health” for mental health professionals – March 2019
7) Feedback from a participant in the certificate course – Ms. Sreevidya Tharakaram
January 20191) Open & digital learning: An interface between technology and ‘yoga academia’
2) Delivering yoga through a virtual platform: Stretching beyond regular classrooms – Ms. Shree Raksha U. Bhide
3) Online interactive session – Yoga for mental health – October & November 2018
4) World mental health day – Dr. Jitender Jakhar
October 20181) Yoga-Preksha-Dhyan: A school based cost effective strategy to reduce aggressiveness – Dr. Viney Jain
2) Suicide prevention in the youth and young adults – Dr. V. Senthil Kumar Reddi
July 2018 1) Yoga for “Cancer in mind” – Dr. Santosh K. Chaturvedi
2) Role of yoga in psycho oncology – Dr. Amritanshu Ram
3) Feedback from YAC participant – Dr. Praveen Rathod
4) 4th International Day of Yoga at NIMHANS
5) Guest lecture – Dr. Manoj Naik
April 20181) Role of yoga in women mental health – Dr. Geetha Desai
2) Review summary of ‘Pranayama Prakshika’ by yogaratna Dr. S.N. Omkar – Dr. Najla Eiman
3) Guest lecture – Dr. Sudha Pratikanthi
4) Invited guest at NICY – Dr. M. Ashok
January 20181) Role of yoga in childhood psychiatric disorders – Dr. Shantha Radhakrishna
2) NICY services at child and adolescent psychiatry wards: Experiences of yoga therapist, nursing staff, medical staff and caregivers – Dr. Shekhar P. Sheshadri
October 20171) Yoga: An elixir for wellness – Dr. R. Nagarathna
2) 3rd International Day of Yoga at NIMHANS
3) Guest lecture at NICY – Dr. Akshya Vasudeva
4) A workshop on “Evolution of yoga and Indian psychology: Relevance to Mental health perspective” – June 2017
5) Inauguration of new building of NIMHANS Integrated Centre for Yoga
July 20171) Yoga for depression – Dr. Arun V. Ravindran
2) Guest lecture at NICY – Marieke van Vugt
3) Feedback from a trainee at NICY – Ms. Unnati G. Hunjan
4) Research and infrastructure developments at NICY
April 20171) Evaluation of yoga as a therapy for depression – Dr. N. Janakiramaiah
2) Feedback from a trainee at NICY – Ms. Vaishali Sharma
January 2017 1) Scope of yoga in modern medicine – Dr. R.L. Bijlani
2) One day international symposium on “Applications of integrative medicine in mental and neurological disorders” – October 2016
3) Feedback from an international trainee at NICY – Dr. Haymon Veronique J.
October 20161) Integrating yoga in clinical practice: A psychiatrist’s impressions from professional experience – Dr. G. Prasad Rao
2) Ayurveda and mental health – Dr. B.R. Ramakrishna
3) Feedback from an international trainee at NICY – Jessica Notermans
July 20161) Meditation from mind-body diseases – Dr. R. Nagarathna
2) Dance: A method of meditation – Dr. Aarti Jagannathan
3) 2nd International Day of Yoga at NIMHANS
Special IDY Edition 1) Yoga song for 2nd International Day of Yoga – Dr. Aarti Jagannathan
2) 2nd International Day of Yoga at NIMHANS – A special edition
April 2016 1) Editorial – Dr. B.N. Gangadhar
2) Yoga and well-being – Dr. Prabha Chandra
3) On recognizing the cognitive aspects and benefits astanga yoga – Dr. Anand C. Paranjpe
4) Guest lecture by Dr. Sat Bir S. Khalsa – January 2016
5) Expansion plans for NICY – Bhoomi Pooja
January 20161) ISCAEM 2015 and visit of His Holiness the Dalai Lama
2) Meditation and neuroscience – Dr. Alex Hankey
3) Samatvam: A haemodynamic equilibrium
4) Feedback of a French trainee – Etienne Porhel
October 2015 1) Yoga in elderly for healthy brain ageing – Dr. Mathew Verghese
2) Aging and wisdom: Dr. Dilip V. Jeste
3) 1st International Day of Yoga at NIMHANS
4) Guest lecture by Dr. Dilip V. Jeste
June 2015 1) Yoga and the brain – Dr. P. Satish Chandra
2) The science behind yoga – Dr. Ramajayam G.
3) How yoga can help treat mental disorders- Dr. Shivarama Varambally
4) Yoga for the world – Dr. B.N. Gangadhar
5) Increasing gray matter in your brain naturally – Sri Ranjitha Jeurkar
April-June 2011Neurophysiology of yoga – Dr. Bindu M. Kutty View
January-March 20111) Inauguration of yoga out patient services – January 2011
2) Yoga for adverse drug effects – Dr. S.K. Chaturvedi
October-December 20101) Principles and practice of yoga therapy in psychiatric disorders – A one day workshop
2) Yoga – Adaptive effects on brain biology
July-September 20101) One day seminar on “yoga for depression”
2) Yoga for healthy ageing – Dr. P.T. Sivakumar
3) Origins of Suryanamaskara
January 2010Editorial – Dr. B.N. Gangadhar View
October 2009-March 20101) A one day workshop on “Yoga & child mental health”
2) Caring the caregivers – Dr. Shivarama Varambally
3) Guest lecture by Dr. Shirley Telles & Dr. Sat Bir S. Khalsa
4) Suryanamaskara: A complete guide to Sun Salutation