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1 Project title Neurobiological investigation of effectiveness of yoga as add-on therapy in reducing suicidality following recent suicidal attempts: to formulate a low cost and community-based management model for suicide prevention and reduction
2 List of investigators Dr V Senthil Kumar Reddi

Dr ShivaramaVarambally

Dr Sydney Moirangthem

Dr Monojit Debnath

Dr Krishna Prasad M

3 Funding Agency DST – SATYAM
4 Date of commencement 19/03/2019
5 Date of Completion 18/03/2022
6 Inclusion/ Exclusion criteria Inclusion:

–          Subjects having attempted suicide within the last 1month

–          Age Group 18-60


–          Patients undergoing ECT

–          Patients with other medical or psychiatric complications


7 Sample size Yoga Group = 100

Control Group = 50

Healthy Subjects = 50

8 Intervention/s Yoga Therapy (Depression Module) + Treatment as usual
9 Timeline 3 years
10 Investigations Blood investigations + Clinical Assessments