Department Of Integrative Medicine offers regular group therapy sessions for patients with various disorders. Every new patient is assessed by the doctors and directed to specific batch that is most suitable for them. Before joining the batch, every patient undergoes a first individual session where, the patient is introduced to the concepts of yoga and therapy and all the concerns of the patient are heard. A basic therapy session is given to orient the patient to the nuances of Yogasanas, Pranayamas and Meditation.



Following is the list of regular yoga batches for patients at NICY –


  1. Yoga for Schizophrenia

  2. Yoga for Depression

  3. Yoga for Anxiety

  4. Yoga for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

  5. Yoga for Parkinson’s Disorder

  6. Yoga for Addiction

  7. Yoga for Somatoform Pain Disorders

  8. Yoga for Epilepsy

  9. Yoga for Back pain

  10. Yoga for Childhood Psychiatric Disorders

  11. Yoga for Diabetes

  12. Yoga for Hirayama Disease

  13. Yoga for Post Partum Psychiatric Disorders (Mother Baby Yoga)

  14. Yoga in Department of Psychiatric Rehabilitation

  15. Yoga in Adolescent Psychiatry


Apart from Patients, NICY offers yoga services to the healthy individuals. The Yoga Appreciation Course is a quarterly one month yoga program for healthy persons. This usually includes the staff and students of NIMHANS, their relatives and friends and also staff and students of various institutes like Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Chest Diseases and also staff of the regional Post office.



Following is the list of regular yoga batches for the healthy at NICY –


  1. Yoga Appreciation Course 

  2. Yoga for Caregivers of patients

  3. Yoga for the Elderly

Out Patient Department (OPD) Services:

The Department of Integrative Medicine has OPD on all working  Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays every week starting at 9 am at ground floor (behind enquiry) of the NIMHANS OPD complex

A panel which includes the Psychiatrist along with the Ayurvedic and Yoga Physicians will meet and evaluate the patients and recommend a holistic treatment approach for different conditions

To book online appointment to visit the OPD for consultation, please click this link


To avail Yoga therapy services in Department Of Integrative Medicine :

We require a referral from your treating physician for yoga therapy. The doctors from yoga center see patients who come with the file/referral letter on all working days between 2-4 pm. A detailed interview is done to collect all required information for the yoga therapy and appropriate yoga practice module is scheduled and a specific therapist is assigned. A card is provided with basic details and attendance. With this the patients can come for regular therapy sessions daily