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1 Project title “Effect of Yoga and Meditation on Hippocampal Volumetry and Memory Among People with Chronic Drug Resistant Mesial Temporal Sclerosis: A Comparative Study Before and After Epilepsy Surgery”
2 List of investigators ·         Principal Investigator:

·         Dr Bhaskara Rao Malla

·         Co-Investigators

·         Dr  Arivazhagan A

·         Dr Jamuna Rajeswaran

·         Dr Rita Christopher

·         Dr Sathyaprabha

·         Dr Venkatasubramanian G

·         Dr Shivarama Varambally

·         Dr Satishchandra P

·         Dr Sanjib Sinha

·         Dr Jitender Saini

·         Dr K Thennarasu

3 Funding Agency DST-SATYAM, New Delhi

(Project Code: DST/003/306/2016/00920)

4 Date of commencement 29-10-2016
5 Date of Completion 28-10-2019 (No cost extension up to April 2020)
6 Inclusion/ Exclusion criteria Inclusion:

1)      Age bracket: 18-50 Years

2)      Gender: Both Male & Female

3)      People with Chronic Drug Resistant (DRE) Mesial Temporal Lobe Epilepsy (MTLE)

4)      A radiological diagnosis of Mesial Temporal Sclerosis (MTS)

5)      Willing for surgery and the study



1)      Drug resistant neo-cortical, temporal plus or extra temporal lobe epilepsy

2)      No MTS on MRI or having neoplastic and vascular lesions

3)      Not willing for the surgery/ study

4)      Previously operated case

7 Sample size N=60 (Y=30, C=30)
8 Intervention/s Yoga for Epilepsy Module
9 Timeline Recruitment-Baseline assessments (1st time point)-12 days Yoga sessions under supervision &3 months Yoga practice at home (Video assisted)-2nd time point assessments (before surgery)-Surgery-6 days Booster Yoga sessions under supervision & 6 months Yoga practice at home (Video assisted)-3rd time point assessments after 6 months of surgery
10 Investigations 1)      VBM (Voxel Based Morphometry) (MRI)

2)      Neuropsychology Assessment

3)      Autonomic Functions Test (HRV)

4)      Biochemistry (IL 1 Beta, TNF- α, IL-6, IL-10, Serum Cortisol, BDNF)


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