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1 Project title  

Brazil-India-China collaborative study in brain connectivity and neuromodulation techniques



2 List of investigators Dr. Bangalore N Gangadhar


Dept. of Psychiatry,


National Institute of Mental

Health and Neurosciences



Dr. Shivarama Varambally

Professor, Department

of Psychiatry, NIMHANS


Dr. Ganesan


Professor, Department

of Psychiatry, NIMHANS


Dr. PT Sivakumar

Professor, Department

of Psychiatry, NIMHANS


Dr. Naren Rao,

Additional Professor, Department

of Psychiatry, NIMHANS


3 Funding Agency Department of Science and Technology (DST)
4 Date of commencement 11/04/2018
5 Date of Completion 11/04/2019
6 Inclusion/ Exclusion criteria Inclusion criteria:


1.      All healthy elderly residents in old age homes.

2.      Above 60 years old.

3.      Either gender.

4.      No history of alcohol or other substance dependence (except nicotine) in the last 6 months


Exclusion criteria:

1.      History of any Axis I psychiatric disorder

2.      Mental retardation

3.      Practice of yoga or other mind-body technique/s (the participant should not be practicing yoga regularly, more than 3 session/week for past 6 months).

4.      Those with contra-indications for MRI

5.      Presence of co-morbid neurological disorder or general medical disorder that can alter mood states /intervention as clinically assessed


7 Sample size 100
8 Intervention/s MCI Yoga Module
9 Timeline Recruited baseline (1st time point) thereafter the 6 months of yoga intervention to experiment group and post assessment will be collected after the intervention.
10 Investigations Clinical assessments:

Blood Investigation

fNIRS functional brain activity using functional near infra-red spectroscopy:

MRI/ MRS Scan:



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