NICY has weekly academic program every Friday for all staff and students working in the center. As a part of this program, students and research staff present seminars on topics covering different areas from yogic concepts to research methodology. Also, Journal Clubs are held to review the  work of other research groups. Guest lectures are also held regularly where speakers from other departments as well as outside NIMHANS are also invited to share their knowledge. Following are some of the topics discussed at the Friday academics program, with links provided to access the presentation document.


Date Title Category Download link
08.11.2019 Acceptability of a mindfulness intervention for depressive symptoms among African American women in a community health center A qualitative studyJournal Club
11.10.2019 Five week yin yoga based interventions decreased plasma adrenomedullinand increased psychological health in stressed adults A randomised controlled trialJournal Club Download
04.10.2019 Concept of Self in SchizophreniaSeminar Download
13.09.2019 Cellular Markers of Yoga Seminar Download
06.09.2019 Neurobiology of Yoga in De-Addiction Seminar
23.08.2019 Yoga Depression Seminar
12.07.2019  Introduction to PanchakarmaSeminar
05.07.2019 Definitions of Yoga as per scriptures and Misconceptions & Contra-indicationsSeminar
14.06.2019 Creativity in yogaSeminar
07.06.2019 Yoga for Anxiety Disorder A Systematic review and meta-analysis of Randomized Controlled TrialsJournal Club
24.05.2019 Moral Stories in UpanishadsSeminar
17.05.2019 Therapeutics of Traditional Healing MethodsSeminar
10.05.2019Asana Seminar