Teaching and Training

One of the primary objectives of the department is to impart training and human resource development in the field of mental health and Neurosciences, specifically integrated services including Yoga and Ayurveda. To achieve the same, the department will be starting postgraduate, graduate courses and fellowships from July 2021.





Name of the Course

Number of seats

Eligibility Criteria

Institute fellowship

External fellowship

Ph.D. in Integrative Medicine (Ayurveda, Yoga and  Biomedicine)

Note: The candidates should have a minimum of 3 years of External Research fellowships to apply for Ph.D. program


MBBS/ BAMS/ BNYS OR M.A or M.Sc. or M.Phil in Yoga, M.Phil in Clinical Psychology OR M.Sc. Nursing OR M.Pharma OR Masters in Physiotherapy


Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Integrative Psychiatry



MD/DNB degree in Psychiatry


Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Integrative Mental Health and Neurosciences



MD in Ayurveda (Kayachikithsa / Manasaroga / Panchakarma) OR MD (Yoga)


MSc. Yoga Therapy (Mental Health & Neurosciences)


B.Sc. (Yoga)/BNYS OR A Science/Medical/Paramedical/Physiotherapy/Nursing Graduation Level Degree with one-year Diploma or equivalent in Yoga Science


MD in Manasa Roga (Ayurveda) :

The Department also plans to introduce MD in Manasa Roga (Ayurveda) course for BAMS graduates once additional requirements of faculty/ resident posts are sanctioned.


The Department of Integrative Medicine is also involved in training post-graduates from psychiatry, yoga and ayurveda from various institutions who are posted here. Department has also trained one batch of nurses from Dharwad Institute of Mental Health & Neurosciences (DIMHANS) and also has trained several nurses within the institute.


Short-Term Courses:

Certificate course for Yoga for Mental Health 

The Department of Integrative Medicine (IMD) has initiated a certificate course on “Yoga for Mental Health” for training of AYUSH professionals from January 2019. Course is conducted once in 6 months and three courses have been completed. Twenty six professionals from various streams have completed the course till now. 


Yoga Appreciation Course (YAC)

The department runs a one month certificate course for faculty, staff and students of NIMHANS, their family members, and staff from neighbouring medical institutes. This course enables the participants to understand and practice the basics of yoga. More than 30 batches of this course have been completed and  more than 500 participants have been trained. 



The department conducts weekly academic programs (seminars, journal clubs, and research presentations pertaining to yoga, Ayurveda, neuroscience principles & techniques and research methodology & statistics) every Tuesday and Friday involving all the faculty, staff and students. Guest lectures are also held monthly where speakers from other departments as well as outside NIMHANS are invited to share their knowledge and expertise. The department also plans to have collaborative academic programs with the Department of Psychiatry to benefit students from both departments.

  1. 15.11.2019 Yoga & Wellness.

  2. 08.11.2019  Acceptability of a mindfulness intervention for depressive symptoms among African American women in a community health center A qualitative study

  3. 11.10.2019  Five week yin yoga based interventions decreased plasma adrenomedullinand increased psychological health in stressed adults A randomised controlled trial

  4. 04.10.2019 Concept of Self in Schizophrenia

  5. 13.09.2019 Cellular Markers of Yoga 

  6. 06.09.2019 Neurobiology of Yoga in De-Addiction 

  7. 23.08.2019 Yoga Depression 

  8. 12.07.2019 Introduction to Panchakarma

  9. 05.07.2019 Definitions of Yoga as per scriptures and Misconceptions & Contra-indications

  10. 14.06.2019 Creativity in yoga

  11. 07.06.2019 Yoga for Anxiety Disorder A Systematic review and meta-analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials

  12. 24.05.2019 Moral Stories in Upanishads

  13. 17.05.2019 Therapeutics of Traditional Healing Methods

  14. 10.05.2019 Asana 

Date Title Category PDF of slides
11.06.2021Efficacy of yoga for depressed postpartum women: A randomised controlled trialJournal clubLink
04.06.2021Mudras and BandhasSeminarLink
07.05.2021Concept of Avarana - Pathology in AyurvedaSeminarLink
05.03.2021Autism - Etiopathogenesis and the role of integrative approach to treatment SeminarLink
08.01.2021Association of constitutional type of Ayurveda
with cardiovascular risk factors, inflammatory
markers and insulin resistance
Journal ClubLink
01.01.2021Concept of PrakrutiSeminarLink
11.12.2020Concept of Agni and AmaSeminarLink
04.12.2020Yoga as applied PhilosophySeminarLink
06.11.2020Concept of Shad DarshanasSeminarLink
23.10.2020Concept of OmSeminarLink
11.09.2020Concept of Dhatu SeminarLink
04.09.2020Multiple Sclerosis SeminarLink
14.08.2020A new instrument for measuring insight: the Beck Cognitive Insight ScaleJournal ClubLink
07.08.2020Counselling in Patanjali Yoga SutraSeminarLink
17.07.2020Tridosha SidhantaSeminarLink
10.07.2020Integrated Yoga and ShirodharaJournal ClubLink
03.07.2020Parkinson's Disease Seminar Link
12.06.2020Neurotrophic FactorsSeminarLink
22.05.2020Schizophrenia risk from the complex variation of complement component 4 (C4)Journal Clublink
15.05.2020Yoga and its effect on HRV in Psychiatric disordersSeminarLink
08.05.2020Biomechanics of YogaSeminarlink
06.04.2020Yoga for Stress ManagementSeminarLink
13.03.2020Concept of Vishada (Depression)SeminarLink
06.03.2020Concept of Unmada in Ayurveda (Psychosis)SeminarLink
07.02.2020Role of Yoga in Pain DisordersSeminarLink
21.01.2020Introduction to UpanishadsSeminarlink
17.01.2020Pharmacology of Ayurveda: Medhya DravyaSeminarlink
10.01.2020Behavioral and psychophysiological effects of a Yoga intervention on high risk Adolescents: A Randomized control trialJournal Clublink
20.12.2019 How Yoga Changes Your BrainJournal Clublink
06.12.2019 Understanding Anxiety Disorder from Ayurveda perspectiveSeminarlink
22.11.2019 Psychometric Analysis of TrigunasJournal ClubLink
15.11.2019 WellnessSeminarlink
08.11.2019 Acceptability of a mindfulness intervention for depressive symptoms among African American women in a community health center A qualitative studyJournal Club link
11.10.2019 Five week yin yoga based interventions decreased plasma adrenomedullin and increased psychological health in stressed adults A randomised controlled trialJournal Club link
04.10.2019 Concept of Self in SchizophreniaSeminar
13.09.2019 Cellular Markers of Yoga Seminar link
06.09.2019 Neurobiology of Yoga in De-Addiction Seminar link
23.08.2019 Treating major depression with yoga: A prospective, randomized, controlled pilot trial Seminar link
12.07.2019  Introduction to PanchakarmaSeminar link
05.07.2019 Definitions of Yoga as per scriptures and Misconceptions & Contra-indicationsSeminar link
14.06.2019 Creativity in yogaSeminar link
07.06.2019 Yoga for Anxiety Disorder A Systematic review and meta-analysis of Randomized Controlled TrialsJournal Club
24.05.2019 Moral Stories in UpanishadsSeminar link
17.05.2019 Therapeutics of Traditional Healing MethodsSeminar
10.05.2019Asana Seminar